Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 4, SC


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Item Format: Paperback
Publisher: Review and Herald Publishing
Page Count: 549
Language: English
Year Published: 2009

These facsimile reprints present Ellen G. White's second writing of The Great Controversy story, and were first published between 1870 and 1884. Volume four includes the following chapters:

  1. Destruction of Jerusalem
  2. Persecution in the First Centuries
  3. The Roman Church
  4. The Waldenses
  5. Early Reformers
  6. Luther's Separation from Rome
  7. Luther Before the Diet
  8. Progress of the Reformation
  9. Protest of the Princes
  10. Later Reformers
  11. The Two Witnesses
  12. God Honors the Humble
  13. William Miller
  14. The First Angel's Message
  15. The Second Angel's Message
  16. The Tarrying Time
  17. The Midnight Cry
  18. The Sanctuary
  19. An Open and a Shut Door
  20. The Third Angel's Message
  21. The Third Message Rejected
  22. Modern Revivals
  23. The Investigative Judgment
  24. Origin of Evil
  25. Enmity Between Man and Satan
  26. Agency of Evil Spirits
  27. The Snares of Satan
  28. The First Great Deception
  29. Spiritualism
  30. Character and Aims of the Papcy
  31. The Coming Conflict
  32. The Scriptures a Safeguard
  33. The Loud Cry
  34. The Time of Trouble
  35. God's People Delivered
  36. Desolation of the Earth
  37. The Controversy Ended

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