Simply Plant-Based: Fabulous Food for a Healthy Life By Vanita Rahman, MD


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Create delicious meals and live well!

If obtaining good health is your primary motivation for adopting a plant-based diet, you will be delighted how effortless it can be with this inviting, user-friendly cookbook.

Author Vanita Rahman, a practicing physician, reaffirms the scientific evidence that a low-fat, well-balanced, plant-based diet is the most health-supporting choice for achieving long-term weight loss, avoiding chronic disease, and simply feeling great.

Dr. Rahman dishes up an abundance of mouthwatering recipes that are rich in fiber, nutrients, and flavor, and low in fat, sugar, and sodium, so you can easily achieve your health goals. From grocery lists to shop- ping tips to weekly meal plans, this book eliminates the guesswork. In addition, any nutritional concerns you may have about protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin supplements, or soy estrogens are laid to rest.

Treat yourself to Savory Kale Scones or Chocolate Chip Crêpes for breakfast, Asian Noodle Soup or Chipotle Black Bean Burgers at lunch, and Fettuccine Alfredo with Mushrooms or Veggie Lasagna for dinner. Be sure to leave room for Strawberry Ice Cream for dessert!

Whether you are new to this lifestyle or are a seasoned vegan wishing to lessen your dependence on processed foods, you'll find Dr. Rahman's prescription for health filled with a diversity of flavors that will inspire and sustain your journey to well-being.

Item Format: Paperback
Publisher: Distributed by Pacific Press Publishing
Page Count: 156
Language: English
Year Published: 2021

Type: Unknown Type