National Sunday Law


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A Stupendous crisis awaits us. This book takes you behind the scenes and explores the shocking "Who", "How", and "When" of a National Sunday Law.


The Two Horned Beast
The Beast Identified
The Beast Described
The Mark of the Beast
The Image of the Beast
The Global Conflict
Appendix 1
Appendix 1A: The "Beast" and the "Little Horn"
Appendix 2: The 1260 Year Reign of the Beast
Appendix 3: Infallibility
Appendix 4: The Bible Forbidden
Appendix 5: "War with the Saints"
Appendix 6: Edict Against the Waldenses
Appendix 7: Images
Appendix 8: Change of God's Law
Appendix 9: The First Sunday Law
Appendix 10: "First Day" Bible Texts
Appendix 11: The Ceremonial Law and The Two Covenants
Appendix 12: (Time Not Lost)

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