Amazing Prophecies: Daniel & Revelation Made Easy Magabook


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Amazing Prophecies: Daniel & Revelation Made Easy (Magabook) is a marvelous resource on Bible prophecy. It includes the full KJV text of Daniel & Revelation. The two column page format has the Bible text in one column and extensive explanations, cross references, notes, etc. in the other. It presents dates, charts, time-lines and notes in 80 easy-to-understand colorful pages.


  • Understanding Bible Prophecy
  • Introduction to Daniel
  • Daniel
  • 70 Weeks & 2,300 Years
  • Prophetic Symbols
  • The Sanctuary Solves the Great Problem
  • The Little Horn & The Beast
  • Spiritual Israel
  • Antiochus Epiphanes
  • The Abomination of Desolation
  • Champions of Truth
  • A History of Error
  • Introduction to Revelation
  • Revelation
  • The Glorious Second Coming of Christ
  • Do the Wicked Burn Forever?

ISBN: 9781885204028
Publisher: Family Heritage Books Research Department
Size: Magabook, 8 x 10½ inches
Pages: 81 pages

Type: Unknown Type