1888 Message an Introduction


Author: R. J. Wieland
Language: English
Publisher: Glad Tidings Publishers
Edition: Revised and Enlarged
Cover: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 192
ISBN: 0-8280-0143-x

Much has been published by the official Adventist press about "1888," but this book has a special purpose. Now the 1888 messengers are allowed to tell the Adventist grand jury in their own words in ample context what their message actually was (and is). Its controversial Good News ideas are not glossed over, but faced head-on.

Following are the topics covered in the book:

  • A Beginner's Guide to the 1888 Message
    Why It's Important to Understand
  • There Must Be A Reason!
    Why the Long Delay in Christ's Coming?
  • Can We See the True Outpouring of the Holy Spirit?
    Our Final Exam Is Coming Soon
  • Christ, The Heart of the 1888 Message
    A Clearer View of the Saviour Heals the Alienated Heart
  • The Sinless Christ: Tempted as We Are
    How He Saves Us Who Are Tempted
  • Ellen White Supports the Jones-Waggoner Idea
    The Bible Supports It, Too
  • The 1888 Messengers Do Not Destroy Their Message
    Unraveling a Mysterious Adventist Dilemma
  • Justification by Faith in the 1888 Message
    Powerful Good News
  • Sinless Living: Possible or Not?
    Good News, Not Bad News
  • Why It's Easy to Be Saved and Hard to Be Lost (or Is It Vice Versa?)
    Can the Good New Be Too Good?
  • The 1888 Message Illuminates the Cleansing of the Sanctuary
    The Search of a Century for Meaning

Category: 1888 Materials

Type: Book

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