God Cares, Set


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Original title: God Cares Set, The Message of Daniel For You and Your Family
Author: C. Mervyn Maxwell
Subject/Genre: Studying the Bible
Language: English
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association
Edition: 1999
Cover: Paperback
Size: Large,
ISBN: 9788163097280

In God Cares, Vols. 1 and 2, you will read the fascinating story of how God revealed to both Daniel and John the Revelator the rise of great world empires centuries in advance. You will read what the end of the world will be like, and how truth has withstood constant attack by earthly powers. The longest time prophecy in the Bible-which ended in 1844-will be explained, and you will learn how the judgment now going on in heaven personally affects you.

After reading this easily understood, yet scholarly, book you will appreciate more than ever God's care for you, and you will understand with new insight the meaning of world history and events.

Category: Prophecy

Type: Book set