Patriarchs and Prophets, ASI


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Original title: Patriarchs and Prophets
Author: Ellen G. White
Subject/Genre: Missionary Materials
Language: English
Publisher: ASI Missions INC
Cover: Paperback
ISBN: 9780816321100

Patriarchs and Prophets covers the sweeping panorama of human history from the creation of Earth to the reign of Israel’s King David. With unusual insights, the author describes the role of our planet in the cosmic conflict between right and wrong, truth and error. She describes the tragic rebellion that took place in heaven many thousands of years ago and makes plain that this ongoing conflict between Satan and God affects each person who lives on Earth. Patriarchs and Prophets shows how this conflict worked itself out in the lives of men and women in Old Testament times. It answers such questions as: Where did we come from? Where are we going? If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t He prevent the spread of evil and its tragic results?

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