Mad Cows and Milk Gate


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Author: Virgil Hulse
Subject/Genre: Diet and Foods / Health and Lifestyle
Language: English
Publisher: Marble Mountain Publishing
Cover: Paperback
Size: 6x9 inches

It is only common sense to recognize that when we consume a fluid that has been emitted from an animal, or the actual flesh itself, we are at risk for whatever ailed the animal. The implications of this suggestion are so enormous. The dairy and meat industries have clung to the idea that it has not been proven that the species barrier could be crossed may be a fatal conclusion.

The bookMad Cows and Milk Gate (Marble Mountain Publishing) written by Dr Hulse, a former dairy Inspector and board certified in Family practice and Public Health expresses concern over the rampant diseases in dairy cows, the ways they are treated and the problems those treatments cause. It details proof that we have the Mad Cow Disease in this country. The book main focus is the practice of feeding often diseased sheep, chickens, and other cows blood to cows, and the viruses that are thus spread from species to species. The picture painted is not a pretty one, but it is one we must study if we are to make informed choices when choosing what we eat. With the U.S. Government assuring us that beef and dairy are safe, we are fortunate to have a insider's view of what is really going on in the cattle industry. Dr Hulse is an expert medical witness on the Mad Cow Disease and is presently defending those that have been sued by the beef industry. Dr Hulse states that we are unable to sell our cows to Europe because 80 % of the cows in the US have the Bovine leukemia virus which causes cancer in every organ of the cow and is spread to other animals by the milk. Dr Hulse also has concern that it may be causing cancer in humans. He states that cows are infected with a bacteria that is in the milk and beef and that it is the same bacteria that is found in Crohn's disease in children and adults and is not killed by current pasteurization temperatures. Dr Hulse has a great fear of mutant prions invading this country given our insane practices of bovine cannibalism. The books shocking information about the health hazards in our dairy and beef supply is enough to make you sick. . There is overwhelming evidence that an epidemic of diseases are lying in wait behind the plastic wrap and dairy cartons of our food stores. Dr Hulse hopes that the developers of public policy will show courage in placing the health of the American people above the economics of big industry.

Category: Health & Nutrition

Type: Book

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