How We Got the Bible


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Language: English
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Cover: Laminated
Size: 5.5x8.5 inches

Few stories are as amazing and as touching as the story of how we got the Bible. This stunning pamphlet tells of the faithfulness and sacrifice by courageous Christians to bring the Bible to people in their own common language. This How We Got the Bible booklet is perfect for Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and church small groups.

People wonder if they can be confident that the Bibles we have today are reliable. This How We Got the Bible pamphlet gives reasons to believe in a high degree of accuracy of Bible transmission over the years. In fact, the Dead Sea Scrolls have provided significant evidence that modern Bibles are remarkably true to the original writings. How We Got the Bible includes a timeline of key events that stretch from the writing of the first five books of the Bible (also known as the Law of Moses, The Pentateuch, or Torah) to the printed Bibles we have today.

Featured in How We Got the Bible Timeline:
-10 Basics Everyone Should Know about the Bible
-Stories of key people, including William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, Erasmus, and Johann Gutenberg
-Timeline and explanation of how we got the Bible in English
-Pictures of ancient writing materials such as tablets, skins, and papyrus
-Methods used by ancient Masoretic scribes to hand copy each Bible accurately
-Shows the history of Bible versions such as the Wycliffe Bible, the Geneva Bible, and the King James Version, in addition to today’s modern Bible translations.

Category: Reference

Type: Pamphlet 5-fold