True Education Reader, 3rd Grade, Part 2


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Author: Sarah Elizabeth Peck
Language: English
Publisher: Teach Services INC
Cover: Paperback
Size: 5.25x8.25 inches
ISBN: 9781572583467

In a time where Christ is banished from the classroom, there exists a need for a return to the traditional values and beliefs. The True Education Reader series is a set of textbooks designed in the early 1900's for the elementary level. These readers were published in part as a response to the need for school readers free from myth and fairy tales, and whose core values upheld an early development of faith in the sacred Word. Such textbooks are in need again as modern science and lax morals undermine a simple belief in the word of God. Author Katherine B. Hale was one of the early professors of Pacific Union College, formerly known as Healdsburg College. Her interest in labor in the educational department led to the publishing of the first two True Education Readers for the first and second grade. She also helped write the True Education Primer, a denominational replacement for the mainstream primers of that period. She worked closely with Marion Ernest Cady, whose leadership at Healdsburg College led to the modern success of Pacific Union College, and who helped complete the True Education Reader series.