In Defense of the Law of God


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Author: A. C. Sas
Language: English
Publisher: Reformation Herald Publishing Association
Cover: Paperback

In 1844 when Christ transferred His presence from the Holy place to the Most Holy, the people of God looked by faith into the heavenly sanctuary, and contemplated the law of God in the ark. At this time they learned the work of Jesus in the second apartment of the sanctuary, and saw the importance of the law of God, especially the fourth commandment. Those who did not enter, through faith, into the sanctuary and had received no light on the Sabbath could not be measured by the law of God, the ten commandments. They Remain without the temple. (See Revelation 11:1).

Of those who received the light, the heavenly messenger declares: “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:12. These people were revealed to the servant of the Lord, by an angel sent from God. Therefore his testimony must be right. But they must obey the commandments under all circumstances and at all times. Those who really fulfill the characteristics of the people described above are the chosen people of God. The Adventist people understood this truth, and on this ground they were organized.

Our desire is that this book may bring light to many who are not acquainted with the history of the church. We pray that every sincere soul may understand the sacredness of the ten commandments, and recognize those who do His commandments, as the Church of God.

Category: Doctrine

Type: Booklet