Midge in Lebanon


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Author: Mildred Thompson Olson
Language: English
Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc
Cover: Paperback

Fun loving, energetic Midge is back for a third installment of adventure in Midge in Lebanon as she leaves her "center of the world" and travels around the world to fulfill her dream of becoming a missionary.

Accompanied by her husband, Wayne, Midge encounters new experiences as she learns to enjoy new foods, new entertainment, and new trials. Soon Midge learns the joys of motherhood after she is blessed with a daughter, Ronnalee, and a son named David.

Through it all, Midge and Wayne work to bring the Word of God to the unreached masses of Lebanon, although their labor is not always well-received. Time and again they escape with their lives through drunken brawls, gunfire, and the ardent work of the devil to discourage them. But in these experiences they find those who are truly searching and those in need, which make their difficulties all worth it.

Readers can enjoy first-hand the joys and perils of this real-life missionary in this down-to-earth tale of a new family fulfilling their dreams and drawing closer to the God they love and to each other.

Category: Literary Non-fiction

Type: Book