The Christian's Experience


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Author: Julius Gilbert White
Language: English
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing Association
Edition: 2nd edition, 2013
Cover: Hard cover
Size: 5.5x8.5 inches
ISBN: 9780984488841

God offers us seven means for transforming us into His likeness: prayer, faith, the study of His word, the gospel of health, Christian education, sacrifice, and Christian service. He expects us to use these means, and He sends His spirit and angels to guide us in doing so. He will not use these means for us: that is our part. As we use these means we are not trying to save ourselves by works,' because every effort we make to do these things as He has directed, is an act of faith in Him. As we proceed day by day to use these means more fully, He adds miracle upon miracle in lessening our desire to do wrong and strengthening our desire to do right, until it becomes a delight to do his will continually; that is the process of growth of daily sanctification.