Choice Readings for Children


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Author: Ernest Lloyd
Subject/Genre: Story Books
Language: English
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association
Edition: 1981
Cover: Paperback
Size: 5.25x8.25 inches

Stories fit the time in which they were written. These stories were collected from over a hundred years ago. Life was very different than from what it is now. For instance, there were no automobiles then. If you wanted to go anywhere, you walked or rode on horseback or traveled in a buggy or a wagon. There were some other ways to travel, of course. There were railway trains, with short wooden cars that had wooden seats. There were also boats as well as steamboats for travel by water. Although these stories are from a hundred or more years ago, they still have the same principles that apply to a child of today's world. With every story there is a moral lesson. You might even read a story that your mother or father may have read when they were kids! Some of these stories may also appear in well known books as Sabbath Readings for the Home.