Faces Around the Cross, DVD


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Author: Dr. Richard Stenbakken
Language: English
Publisher: Richard Stenbakken

Each of the seven people portrayed in this DVD set had their life powerfully changed through their interaction with Jesus Christ in the closing hours of His life. For some, the change was an amazingly positive eternal gain; for others, ultimate and absolute loss. None of those who met Him were unchanged. In their faces and experiences we see not only these characters, but ourselves. Their experiences, questions, doubts, and struggles in many ways mirror our own.

Disk One

  • John: From Son of Thunder to Beloved Disciple
  • Judas: All They Had to Do Was Listen to Me
  • Peter: The Man of Big Mistakes
  • Caiaphas: A High Priest with Low Understanding

Disk Two

    • Marcellus Sylvanus: The Augur
    • Pilate: It's All About Power
    • Centurion: The Toughest, Meanest Man in Town
    • Interview

This set includes a reproducible study guide.

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Type: DVD