C3 - Thoughtfulness From a Cedar Waxwing & The Home That Found Time, DVD


Language: English
Publisher: To All The World
Cover: DVD

Does time seem to slip right through your fingers? Have you ever wanted to go back in time to do something over or differently? Come and reach into the pages of God's two books, the Bible and nature, as we discover God's creative and recreative power in the gift of time. Observe the thoughtfulness found in the small cedar waxwing as he chooses to be last and becomes first in our heart. Claim God's promises as you join us in songs to be kept in our mind/heart. Learn, with Mary and Martha, the true blessings of placing others first and how thoughtfulness can help us to stay on the right path. Listen and you will hear God's call for all as you realize at any age and in any place we can be His missionaries now.


Category: Media

Type: DVD