The Power of Revival and Reformation


Author: J. H. N. Tindall
Subject/Genre: Christian Growth
Language: English
Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc. (October 11, 2005)
Cover: Paperback
ISBN: 9781572583740

Many Christians today believe and teach that true Christianity is based only upon surrender and faith. While this is true, this focus overlooks what takes place when the faith we have acts in cooperation with the Divine--the fruits of the Spirit. Christ will not and cannot live that life in us without our cooperation; it is a joint action of both the soul and Christ, not Christ alone, or the soul alone. A true reformation cannot occur without this knowledge; reformation must accompany revival. Author J. H. N. Tindall delves into issues that many Christians today tend to overlook and avoid, including the Law of God, Christian education, the health message, medical ministry, true evangelism, and the signs to the need of a revival in a church. These messages are needed more now than ever as we rapidly approach Christ's second coming.

Category: Spiritual Growth

Type: Book