Blood of Christ


Author: Alex Ortega
Subject/Genre: Christ Our Righteousness
Language: English
Publisher: Teach Services INC
Cover: Paperback
Size: 5.25x8.25 inches
ISBN: 9781572584600

Christians have been ever prompted to the higher life by the spirit of God. All who are justified freely by His grace will walk no more after the lusts of flesh. Why is this so? The Spirit that kept Jesus is now in them. They now possess an unselfish spirit through faith in the merits of Christ and seek to separate from sin and self-will. He who gave His life knows how to impart it to us.

Many realize justification by faith must involve more than cleansing of a record. Surely, the power to justify a lost sinner must also contain power to transform the life. A heart yearning to be like Jesus must be part of the gospel. Does the Word of God say anything about purging the conscience, freedom from condemnation of the law, victory over sin, death, and devil? Yes, it does.

In only one way does the biblical experience happen in someone's life—by the precious blood of Christ. The power that avails in heaven with the Father, has conquered the devil, justifies the sinner, and gives victory in the life, is the BLOOD. It is hoped repetition of the instruction concerning the blood that will give comfort and direction to His saints.